Monday, 26 March 2012

Welcome and Thanks

Welcome to the Blog- part time income. I think now that I am slowly reaching towards my goal. Thanks to all who visited my website. Also if comments will be given then i will remain great full to you.

New websites for short task.

Now recently I have found these new websites that provide some short task which require minimum skills.
 But I think that they are just follow up of so i will list it as follows.

1.                   Paid
2.      On Way
3.     to be tested.
4.         to be tested
5.             to be tested
6.     to be tested   


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Part Time Income From Internet - Home

We all know that – “Rome was not built in a day” . Similarly if you want to have some income from the internet, then you have to learn many concepts regarding internet and then move gradually. Similarly one would not be rich in a day but have to struggle continuously to get Rich. We on this blog will try to categorize different types of websites that pay us to do some online work. May be that we have to do some work free of cost while we are beginner but once I or you become competent enough then you will get paid more. It will depend purely on your capability, time and dedication. You can take it as hobby or part time job or full time job also.

Below we will categorize the websites depending upon the skills as follows.

a. Beginners.
b. Intermediate Worker.
c. Advanced Worker.
SCAM or SPAM websites - ALERT.



Beginner Worker : When a new person enters in the world of computers and so internet, he is not acquainted with the technical words , the Ad world on the internet. The revenue that ad world is getting through. etc. So he first must be acquainted with these term by knowing the ad world for which GTP( Get Paid To ) Programs are very important . These are very easy also to do and in return you get paid.

PTC – Paid to click programs. These programs are the easiest. Any body can do the work . You can search for PTC on google and register free in these companies. You have to daily open your inbox and just watch the ads. Just click the ads and wait for some minutes or seconds as directed and your earning will be credited in your account. One example is clixsense.

List of Get paid to click programs are as follows.

Maximum of BUX programs are scam .So be attentive when trying them.
A list of scam sites can be found here;

I have tried clicksia and clixsense and you can register by clicking on their logo on the website.

There are a lot. Each of them provides free registration and you get something to register and then start referring and viewing the ads for which you will earn money. Each have some minimum payout and they pay by Paypal or AlertPay. The information about Paypal or Alertpay can be found from their websites. These are most secured money transferring websites.

Get Paid to Surf : There a lot of sites that pays you for surfing or searching. Basically when a new website is launched or a new search engine is launched . They require people for testing . So they hire people or give some rewards for searching. One example is but is available for Americans only. Similarly you have to google Get paid to surf and search for different websites.

Get Paid to Listen : There are many websites which give you some money to listen to their songs or to share them with your friends. You can search them on google and then start earning. is an example of this type of site.

Survey Sites: - There are a lot of survey websites. One has to register at first in these websites. These websites are of two types. One is called paid sites whether other is of free. Free sites gives less earnings. These sites are basically country based. One has to be citizen of some specific country as mentioned in their terms and condition. So you have to be very clear about it. If you make mistake here you will not be paid.

Below I am providing exhaustive list of Survey sites which I have collected from websites.

You have to check the eligibility for each of the websites, But all are free to register.

1. Toluna Surveys.
2. SurveyHead.
3. BrandInstitute.
4. AIPonlinesurveys.
5. ipanelonline.
6. opninon surveys.
7. planet pulse.
8. permission research.
9. Indiaspeakpanel.
10. Surveysavvy.
11. Pureprofile.
12. Spidermetrix.
13. GlobalTestmarket.
14. Getcountedconsumerworld.
15. AmericanConsumerOpinionPanel.
16. Socraticforum.
17. – Paid Survey site.
18. vindaleresearch
19. SurveyPanel.

the list is not exhaustive and is updated on weekly basis if I get some new survey site.

Get Paid To Read Emails.

In this category are also click to paid ads and some little task like registering on websites and referring other people is the work.
Below are some of the websites which give money for reading emails and doing some simple tasks.

Paisalive – This site is free to register. It pays you Rs 99 instantly when you register and Rs 2 to 25 for referring friends. Also you get something for reading emails but the main business is referring other person and registering in new websites for which you het from Rs 1-100. – This site also pays for reading emails. - This is the best paid to click site. Here everyday you get some picture ads which you have to click and you earn something for clicking. The earning will grow slowly but if you have a lot of referencing then earning will be fast.

Intermediate Level

These types of work require some mastery in particular field and some knowledge of computers with internet is a must. Some good typing speed is a must. There are a lot of sites where either you can freelance or get paid for your work. In these websites you should have to make a profile first and based on the profile the company allot some job for you. Now we discuss here the variety of jobs here.

Below are lists of sites that pay for answers.

1. Yahoo Answers – Yahoo Answers does not pay anything in cash, but they have a very good point system where you get paid 2 points for answering a question and also 10 points for best answer. These are very helpful for beginner. This upgrades your talent and also it brings discipline in following community guidelines.

2. - Just like Yahoo answers.

3. Just – This site is paying you for your answers.





Below are the sites that pay for your video sharing.


Below are list of websites that pay for different types of work depending on your caliber.

1. Record songs and sell.
2. Posting on Forum.
3. Ads on forum.
4. Job Referrer.
5. Sell Crafts and art work online.
6. Deals (List will be updated )

Advanced Category:

Here in these types of websites you have to be master in some or more fields. English is a must with good typing speed and grammar. Dedication and experience will pay you here.

Below are the list of such websites/ideas.

4. Onlinejuryduty.
9. freelance writing ., Associated content,,
10. Create and sell ebooks.
11. Own blog
12. Comments on blog.
14. review websites –